Ride in Vermont

Are you looking to visit Vermont to ride? It’s now easier than ever to enjoy ATVing in Vermont.

Your ATV must have a valid registration. You can register in your home state, or visit the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles to register here in Vermont. Cost per registering an ATV in Vermont is currently $45 per year.

Once you have a valid registration from any state, you are ready to join VASA. Bring your valid registration to any of our VASA points of sale, fill out the quick and easy membership application, pay your dues and you will be handed your Trail Access Decal (TAD) and statewide trail map. Affix your Trail Access Decals to the front and rear of your machine and you are ready to ride.




Cost is as follows:

If you have a Vermont registration, everything you need to ride in Vermont will cost $60. The breakdown of where your money goes is as follows: Out of your total $60, $30 is for your Trail Access Decals, $10 is for your VASA membership and $20 is for your local club membership.

If you have an out of state registration (YES! VASA does accept all valid registrations from any state.) your Trail Access Decals will cost you $45 more. All of the other costs remain the same so your total will be $105.

Other things to be aware of: